Expressive English Alphabet (Ԏᴇ ԐkspꞋɛsiӻ İŋʟiꞩ Øʟғıbɛт)

The Expressive English Alphabet is a alternative way to write English devised by Marcel Burrows. It is designed to have one letter for each sound. The alphabet has been designed to allow people from any part of the world to write in their own accent.

Expressive English Alphabet

Expressive English Alphabet

Download an alphabet chart for the Expressive English Alphabet (Excel)


Sample texts

North American Accents

Ꚛʟ hyumın bᴇiŋᴤ ѳꞋ bꚛꞋn fꞋᴇ ønꚍ ᴇkᴌıʟ in ꚍiʞnıꚍᴇ ønꚍ ꭆîтs. Ԏᴀ ѳꞋ ɛnꚍꭥꚍ ᴌiԏ ꭆᴇᴤın ønꚍ kѳnꞩıns ønꚍ ꞩûꚍ økт тıᴌꚛꞋꚍᴤ ᴌᵾn ınᵾԏıꞋ in ı spiꞋıт ѳӻ bꞋᵾԏıꞋhûꚍ.
(ѲꞋтıkıʟ 1 ѳӻ ԏı YunıӻєꞋsıʟ ꚌɛkʟıꞋᴀꞩın ѳӻ Hyumın Rîтs)

Commonwealth accents

Ꚛʟ hyumın bᴇiŋᴤ ѳ bꚛn fꞋᴇ ønꚍ ᴇkᴌıʟ in ꚍiʞnıтᴇ ønꚍ ꭆîтs. Ԏᴀ ѳꞋ ɛnꚍꭥꚍ ᴌiԏ ꭆᴇᴤın ønꚍ kөnꞩıns ønꚍ ꞩûꚍ økт тıᴌꚛꚍᴤ ᴌᵾn ınᵾԏıꞋ in ı spiꞋıт өӻ bꞋᵾԏıhûꚍ.
(Ѳтıkıʟ 1 өӻ ԏı Yunıӻєsıʟ ꚌɛkʟıꞋᴀꞩın өӻ Hyumın Rîтs)


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

More information about the Expressive English Alphabet

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