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Fana is a syllabic script created by Brian Drake to write his constructed script, fana, which is based on Toki Pona, but with more phonemes, a more complex grammar, and a larger vocabulary. There is also a way to write fana with the Latin alphabet. He created the language for a fictional future world.

Notable Features

Fana script

Fana script

Sample text

Sample text in fana


awan amati ti Sila la, ama ham ti Sila yi kata kokip. ama pa yi po ton pi amatan opo nan yi kokip. ama pa ti Sila yi tiwa pu ni hua ni kaka ni tom ni kosa nasa. ama pa ti Sila yi poyiya pi hua no. ama ti Sila yi sapu waya. poyiya ti amati yi kata mu nan la, nan yi laka mu moyi sap ti tantan wani yi poki ni nan sip. Sila yi amati. ama yi hako ni molo wani yi kotilo. “molo pa mi o, yu yi po pi sup? kokip yi pina na tu yu. kokip yi pina na tu mi si. mi yi tiwa pu ni hua. mi yi tiwa pu ni kaka. mi yi tiwa pu ni tom ni hin. mi mi o laka lim susu ti moyi. mi mi o kata kokip su susu. molo mi o kata.”


Before Sila’s birth, her father died. The mother then lived alone because all of her relatives had died. Sila’s mother had neither food nor money nor home nor anything. Sila’s mother was starving. Sila’s mother was very sad. When the pain of birth came upon her, she went to a lake away from the village to hide herself. Sila was born. The mother looked at the tiny baby and wept. “My daughter, why do you live? Death is better for you. I have no food. I have no money. I have neither home nor family. Let us go into the water of the lake. Let us perish under the water. My baby, come.”

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Fana Grammar Dictionary And Reader

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