Friendship Cube Script

The Friendship cube is a con-script (constructed script) invented by Graeme Kilshaw. The main design is based on the blue symbol in the image below. The alphabet in black is the simple font version of the conscript.

Friendship Cube Script

Looking at the symbol you will notice there are a many individual pieces. Each piece is a binary bit with a binary value. Each letter of the alphabet is assigned a value and and represented by "flipping the correct bits on and off.

There are also systems for numbers as well. With the amount of bits available there are a massive number of permutations and creative applications.

The Friendship Cube is a teaching tool. It introduces a simple standard for communication in visual binary. In visual binary, each visual component represents a binary placeholder. In friendship cube code, there are 22 visual binary placeholders representing 22 phonetic sounds. Symbols on the cube rotate to create letters and combine to create visual binary anagrams. Letters are arranged according to the vocal sound. The vowels AEIOU are all horizontal, representing outward breath. The letters BPMFV are vertical line symbols, representing guidance of breath with the lips. The squares XC, HW, LD, TN, and RSYJ represent guidance of breath with the tongue. All letters in the English alphabet are represented in each friendship cube. Phonetically, 4 letters are composite sound-forms: J+Y=G, C+X=K, C+W=Q, and S+Y=Z. Students use the friendship cube to develop useful skills by playing friendship cube games.

Friendship Cube people and games make it fun. Friendship cube games teach hand-eye coordination, touch recognition, communication, memory, strategy, navigation, literacy, numeracy, group interaction, and teamwork skills. Games match the skill level of players. Games teach more than just cognitive skills. Friendship cube games teach social skills, values, morals, and teamwork. Friendship Cubes can be virtual simulations or physical interface tools. Physical Friendship Cubes are used with webcam pattern recognition technologies, enabling fun and educational experiences for players. Virtual friendship cubes can be manipulated with a standard keyboard or even with new devices like the Emotiv EPOC, enabling hands-free typing. (See Not only is the Friendship Cube more fun, it s also more useful and practical than older teaching tools.


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Friendship Cube Script font

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