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Old Hylian syllabary Hylian (kyuushiki hairyagana)

The Hylian syllabary is a script used in the computer games, Legend of Zelda, specifically the game The Legend of Zelda; The Ocarina of time and The Legend of Zelda; Majora's Mask. An unknown graphics artist developed the script for the Ninitendo games for the purpose of writing signs and other written elements in the game in its own unique script. Most of the translated signs are written in Japanese which probably influenced the design of the script.

Notable features

Used to write

Hylian (Hairugo). A form of Japanese, spoken in the fictional land of Hyrule.

Hylian syllabary

Hylian syllabary

Cy consonant combinations, extra letters and notes

Sample text

Hylian syllabary
Transliteration - Zeruda no Densetsu: Taimu no Okarina
Translation - The Legend of Zelda: the Ocarina of Time

The information on this page was put together by Greig Isles with additional information from Pipian.

Download an Old hylian font (47K)

Another font for Old Hylian, created by Bryson Schnaitmann, is available on FontStruct.


Information about the Hylian Language

Information about Skyward Sword - another Hylian script

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