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Khayaro-Hagoran    Khayaro-Hagoran

The Khayaro-Hagoran alphabet was created by David Hunt to write a constructed language he created also called Khayaro-Hagoran. The language has somewhat of an Arabian and Indian feel, and the alphabet is made to be written with a brush or calligraphy pen.

Internal history

Khayaro-Hagoran is the lingua franca of the lands East of the Khash Desert. Everyone from North Khayar to Iraam speak it as their first or second tongue. It orginated in the ancient Ohal River civilization, and spread with the Early Hagoran Empire. With the fall of the Late Hagoran Empire and the subsequent rise of the High Kingdom of Khayar, it merged with the Khayarid tongue and became the language known today. At first, Khayaro-Hagoran was written with the runes of the Hagorans, but under the king of the Middle Khayarid Kingdom Azhurangi II the runes were developed to better cope with the new Khayaric words and pronunciations.

Notable features

Khayaro-Hagoran alphabet

Khayaro-Hagoran alphabet

Khayaro-Hagoran puncutation

Khayaro-Hagoran puncutation

Sample text in Khayaro-Hagoran

Sample text in Khayaro-Hagoran


"Quarya Sashrüskithar bhäya,
ki Ûzhatkithar hüdush teletka."
"Khayar sashrütwak"


"Where the Wise-among-Men falter,
the Foolish-among-Men safely tread."

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