Lupanesque Lupanesque

The Lupanesque Script was invented by Vlad deNicolae Lupan as an alternative alphabet for Romanian, English and other languages. He was inspired to create this script after seeing the Georgian and Burmese alphabets.

Notable features

Lupanesque Script

Lupanesque Script

The first line of letters are lower case, the second line are upper case.

Sample text in Lupanesque (in English in upper and lower case)

Sample text in Lupanesque (in English in upper and lower case)

Sample text in Lupanesque (in English in upper case)

Sample text in Lupanesque (in English in upper case)


To The Star

It is a long way to the star
now appearing in the sky;
its light took many thousand years
to reach our eyes.

And, maybe, even, on its way
through space, blue, infinite,
it died, long before the light
could reach us

Two verses of a poem by Mihai Eminescu, translated by Roy MacGregor-Hastie

Original Romanian version

La steaua

La steaua care-a răsărit
E-o cale-atât de lungă,
Că mii de ani i-au trebuit
Luminii să ne-ajungă.

Poate de mult s-a stins în drum
În depărtări albastre,
Iar raza ei abia acum
Luci vederii noastre.

Download a Lupanesque font

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