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Ne'ith   Ne'ith alphabet

Internal history

Ne'ith is a language written by the Tutar Ne'ith, people who inhabit the G'meh Tutar, which lies on the southern end of Escerna. It is an evolution of Evanaescryt, which is the ancient tongue of the land. The Tutar Ne'ith worshiped nature, unlike their brutal neighbors to the north, the Avallaens.

External history

The Ne'ith alphabet and language are the creations of Jordan Alvarez (amadeus5521@yahoo.com), a keen constructor of conlangs. Escerna and Avallaen were invented by Thomas Maska, Jordan's friend.

Notable features

Ne'ith vowels

Ne'ith consonants

Ne'ith punctuation

Sample texts in Ne'ith

Sample texts in Ne'ith

Sample text in Ne'ith

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