Osage for Navajo (𐓈𐓣𐓩𐓛́ 𐓄𐓣𐓺𐓘̄𐓰) 𐓈𐓣𐓩𐓛́ 𐓄𐓣𐓺𐓘̄𐓰 / Osage for Navajo

Osage for Navajo is a way to write Navajo with the Osage alphabet created by Marc Harder. Some letters have been repurposed to fit Navajo's phonology, though most are based on their original pronunciation.

The Osage alphabet was created in 2006 to write Osage, a Siouan language spoken in Oklahoma in the USA.

Osage for Navajo

Osage for Navajo

Download a script chart for Osage for Navajo (Excel)

Sample text

𐓄𐓣𐓧𐓘ꞌ𐓘𐓯𐓰𐓘ꞌ𐓣̄ 𐓰ʼ𐓘̋ 𐓘𐓳𐓴𐓪𐓡 𐓵𐓣𐓩𐓣́𐓤ʼ𐓛𐓡𐓤𐓪 𐓬𐓣𐓰𐓣𐓻𐓞𐓣͘𐓡 𐓰𐓪̋ 𐓘𐓡𐓛̄𐓳𐓰ʼ𐓛̄𐓤𐓪 𐓣́𐓧𐓣̋͘𐓤𐓪 𐓬𐓛̄ 𐓬𐓘̄𐓡𐓪́𐓞𐓣͘ꞌ. 𐒳𐓣̋ 𐓡𐓘́𐓩𐓣́ꞌ 𐓰𐓪̋ 𐓡𐓘́𐓩𐓣́𐓱𐓯𐓘𐓥𐓛̄𐓮 𐓢𐓣̄𐓡𐓰𐓘̄𐓮𐓵𐓘ꞌ 𐓛𐓣̋ 𐓬𐓣𐓩𐓘𐓡𐓝𐓣́͘ꞌ 𐓘𐓡𐓣𐓰𐓣𐓩𐓣́𐓳𐓩𐓘́𐓡𐓤𐓪 𐓘́𐓧𐓣́𐓧𐓛̄𐓤ʼ𐓛𐓡𐓤𐓪 𐓤ʼ𐓛́ 𐓬𐓛̄ 𐓘𐓡𐓣𐓳 𐓩𐓣̄𐓰𐓧𐓣́͘.


Bilaʼashdaʼii tʼáá ałtsoh yiníkʼehgo bidizhchįh dóó aheełtʼeego ílį́į́go bee baahóchįʼ. Eíí háníʼ dóó hánítshakees hwiihdaasyaʼ eíí binahjį́ʼ ahidiníłnáhgo álíleekʼehgo kʼé bee ahił niidlį́.


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

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