Qillqashimi Qillqashimi

Qillqashimi was invented by Manet Sepúlveda in 2018 as an alternative way to write Classical Quechua (Lengua General), or maybe Ancash Quechua. The script was inspired by Canadian syllabics and the Hunter x Hunter alphabet.

Notable features



Sample text

Sample text in the Qillqashimi alphabet


Runa indio ñisqap machunkuna ñawpa pacha qillqakta yachanman karqa chayqa, hinantin kawsasqankunapas manam kanankamapas chinkaykuq hinachu kanman.

Hear this text:

This sample is an extract from the Huarochiri Manuscript, a 16th century Quechua text about the myths and traditions of Huarochirí Province, in the Lima region of Peru.

Translation (Spanish)

Si, en los tiempos antiguos, los antepasados de los hombres llamados indios hubieran conocido la escritura, no se habrían ido perdiendo todas las tradiciones como ha ocurrido hasta ahora.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEMVE2pBx_M

Translation (English)

If, in ancient times, the ancestors of the people called Indians had known writing, they would not have lost all their traditions as has happened up to now.

Download an alphabet chart for Qillqashimi (Excel)

Download a Qillqashimi font

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