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The Rencem alphabet was invented by Eric Allman in July 2013 as a simchen, a challenge to make a quick conscript on half a piece of paper. The conscript was made while waiting in line at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World while waiting to go on the teacups. It is one of his fastest created conscripts being completed after 3 minutes.

Notable features

Rencem alphabet


Rencem numerals

Rencem numerals

At a million add a line on top of the number and that is equal to 10^(3x+3) where x is the number below the line

Sample text

Sample text in Rencem


Upon the barren landscape the passing vagabond could not begin to judge your value. The secrets you hold are untouched by human hands, my beautiful Egypt.
A short monologue by Eric Allman.

Other constructed alphabets

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