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Ryonic script was developed in early 2013 by Jasper Danielson as part of an aesthetic exercise to design a script that was both beautiful and easy to read and write.

There are two different forms of Ryonic script that can be used: Ryonic Blades and Lamana. Blades is a highly angular script, designed entirely around straight lines and their intersections. In fact, every letter in Blades can be broken down into lines intersecting at either 60° or 120° and dot-diereses. Lamana is a curved form of Ryonic script with more flowing letters and few hard angles.

Notable Features

Ryonic Blades

Ryonic Blades has two different classes of letters-consonants and vowels.

Blades consonants

Ryonic Blades is a featural script, meaning that the different components of each of the letters correspond to different features of their pronunciation. Consonants in Blades each have three components, corresponding to manner, voicing, or place of articulation.

Each consonant in Blades has a "base line"-a long horizontal line that forms the base of the letter. Above this line is placed a short diagonal line, known as the "stem," either on the right or left side of the base line. This stem specifies the voicing of the consonant: a stem on the left corresponds to unvoiced and a stem on the right corresponds to voiced.

Unvoiced / Voiced Stems

Blades voiced unvoiced stems

Blades consonants

Blades consonants

Blades semi-vowels

Semi-vowels are treated as consonants, but do not follow the featural conventions of the other consonants. They are defined as follows:

Blades semi-vowels

Blades punctuation

Blades punctuation

Blades Basic Vowels

Ryonic has seven basic vowels, defined phonetically. All other vowels are expressed as combinations of these basic vowels.

Blades basic vowels

Note that, in Ryonic, a vowel is required for syllabic consonants that are not semi-vowels (IE: .N or .T). The default vowel for this purpose is the 6th one above, though the 5th may also be used.

Vowel combination

The seven basic vowels can be combined to make more structurally complex vowels, commonly referred to as diphthongs and triphthongs. Each successive vowel is written slightly smaller and above the previous vowel. In order to read or write compound vowels in Ryonic, simply start at the bottom and work up. For example:

ɑ + u = ɑu / diphthongs / triphthongs

Blades vowel combination, diphthongs and triphthongs


Lamana is a curved form of Ryonic script. Every letter in Lamana is directly related to every letter in Blades by the following relationship:

Blades to Lamana conversion

Lamana Consonants

Lamana consonants

Lamana semi-vowels and punctuation

Lamana semi-vowels and punctuation

Lamana Basic Vowels

Lamana semi-vowels and punctuation

Sample text in Ryonic Blades

Sample text in Ryonic Blades

Sample text in Ryonic Lamana

Sample text in Ryonic Lamana


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