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The Scythian (Skifian) alphabet was invented by Mikhail Vasilev in 2010 and is still in active development. This alphabet is not a fun project or a decorative font, instead the main aim is to create an alphabet which could become a good alternative for the Latin alphabet. Mikhail has studied readability and says that since the creation of Roman minuscule in 15th century, the Latin alphabet became dominatant in Europe and continues to spread all over the world. The reason is its outstanding readability. During these studies he discovered new letter forms, which being set into words produce a very positive effect on the eyes.

Now Scythian is a full alphabet and there are 30 main letters, which should be theoretically enough for most spoken languages, however application of this alphabet to certain languages is still future task.

Notable features

Scythian alphabet

For simplicity the letters shown with correspondence to common English notation. Here 27 of 30 letters are shown.

Scythian alphabet

Sample text

Sample text in Scythian


In nova fert animus mutatas dicere formas
corpora; di, coeptis (nam vos mutastis et illas)
adspirate meis primaque ab origine mundi
ad mea perpetuum deducite tempora carmen!
(The beginning of Ovid's "Metamorphoses")

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