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The Todocisian script was invented by Jeffrey Recinos in 2011. It was originally designed to be an abjad similar to Arabic, but ultimately underwent a massive overhaul and is now an alphabet with 27 letters (5 vowels and 22 consonants). The Todocisian script is used to write Todocisian (todogatra), a Kostro-Saric language spoken in the country of Todocisia with about 42 million speakers in the fictional planet of Kadara; and Todo B (todobegãngatra), a sister language to Todocisian spoken by about 18 million people in the Todocisian provinces of Misianú, Tamãnt, and Begãno.

Internal History

The Todocisian script is a bizarre mystery to linguists as there seems to be no clear indication of where the script originated from. While many say that it evolved from the cursive form of the older Gagrite script, others claim it was created by Salyemetz Demshai, the creator of the modern Tolianem script; and several others claim it was created by members of the Church of the Razchosians. The current form of Todocisian hasn't changed much in its over 1,200 year history. While Todocisian has always been written in the Todocisian script, Todo B on the other hand was written in an older form of the Tolianem script until just under 600 years ago, when it switched to the Todocisian script.

Notable Features

Todocisian Alphabet


Todocisian vowels


Todocisian consonants


Diacritics (with the exception of briubãdorat and yoekoru) are written above the preceding letter:

Todocisian diacritics example

Todocisian diacritics


Todocisian punctuation

Numerals in Todocisian

Todocisian numerals

Sample Text in Todocisian

Sample Text in Todocisian


Čau pireskilmaišãnt merašuko zedrũ di tesgelõyeč simmín di urú. Žeiãnt brulákosu kaitún di sibenu di yéhidroiko perãt pisigorínu mithãnyeč traugodat miyau.
(Lia pinedat damehált móinãmdat urúkilmaišu)

Sample Text in Todo B

Sample Text in Todo B


Sayu preskišmaišáto mehastuko seidrú di tesselõyeč simán di ur. Šiáto brolákosu kãttún di sibenu di štéidruniko perãt piskorínu mihãnyeč sirgudat meyau.
(Ya pinedat dančegát momãndat urkišmaišu)


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

Con-scripts by Jeffrey Recinos

Gagrite, Naric, Simtex, Todocisian, Tolianem

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