Torrnuq Syllabary

Torrnuq Syllabary (Turunakuma)

The Torrnuq syllabary was created by René M P for the fictional conworld of Wah'gai. It is the primary writing system of the various “beastblood” tribes of the Great Central Plain and the Fang Mountain Range. The script has undergone almost five and a half millennia's worth of evolution, and has incorporated several different writing systems, from classical Engarun, to descendants of the Tami Pictographs.

One can get an accurate picture of the script's history and evolution just by studying the ornate carvings on the tombs of the Turunakuma tribes, from where the script's popular name comes. These tribes were great conquerors, and were responsible for the Kamatiwa language and the script that assumed their name. This language, which is still in use, is one of the most confusing ever spoken on the two worlds, it being a bastardization of the 17 different tongues spoken by the tribes assimilated by the Turunakuma.

Notable features

Torrnuq Syllabary

Torrnuq Syllabary

Note: Several syllables may be represented in more than one way


Torrnuq numerals

Sample text

This text is in Turunakuma script and the Kashi language.

Torrnuq Syllabary

IPA transcription

/tɒkʌ mʌsʊwʌhı hımʌkʊ nıʃʌ tɒkʌ mʌsʊwʌhı kʊrʊŋʌtʊ hırʌkʊ hʌkʊ hımʌkʊ wɔ:tʌ kʊrʊŋʌtʊ ʃıŋʌtʌ tɒʃʌmʌ nıʃʌ hʌkʊ hımʌkʊ wɔ:tʌ kʊrʊŋʌtʊ ʃıŋʌtʌ hʊɵʌgı. tɒkʌ hıkʌrʊ mʊhʌwʌgɒ nıʃʌ tɒkʌ hıkʌrʊ nıŋʌwʌ dʌʃɒgı kʊmʌ tɒkʌ gɒʃʊnʌ tɒkʌ hımʌ nʌdʌt gɒʃʊnʌ nʌdʌt./


Toka masuwahi himaku nisha toka masuwahi kurungatu hiruka haku himaku wota kurungatu shingata toshama nisha haku himaku wota kurungatu shingata huthagi. Toka hikaru muhawago nisha toka hikaru ningawa dashogi kuma toka goshuna toka hima nadat goshuna nadat.


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
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