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Vaelak is an alphabet created by Tony Pacheco to write Enovael, the language of the people of Brendor in his fictional world Majar. The lettering was originally inspired by Tengwar, though after all its changes, most similarities are now gone. The name Vaelak means "words" in Enovael.

The language is written in lines from left to right with vowel diacritics being placed above the consonant which precedes them. Because the Valak letters were created after Enovael, all the letters are named after words which begin with the same sound and many letters were designed to look like those words as well. For example the letter for N is called Neeklokt which is Enovael for drake and Renta is harp.

Notable features

Vaelak alphabet

Vaelak alphabet

Sample text in vaelek

Sample text in vaelek


Kor peltomwe shpo kor jinloe shpo katinme in estil, mesta eno pelek kweageer. Talen'n shpo kenipt sarepi melo pelek alaswe, shpo keposdae melo o w'hal melo, kelen pelen mak.


With freedom and with dignity and rights which are equal, all men are made. Reason and the ability to think they are given, and like bothers they to each other should be. (Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the way it would have to be worded for Enovael)

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