How to wish Merry Christmas in Italian

by Valeria Biancalani

Christmas is coming and if you are studying Italian, you will be eager to learn how to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, discover some Italian Christmas vocabulary and study the most common phrases used in Italy at this special time of the year.

Generally Christmas greetings are sent a few days before Christmas and are a perfect means to wish your friends and family a happy New Year as well. The most common way to wish somebody Merry Christmas is Buon Natale, but there are many other messages you can send. Let’s look at some of them:

Apart from greetings, there many other words related to this festive season, as for example:

It is no coincidence that Christmas Eve dinner in Italy is called Cenone, literally “big dinner”! Food is an essential part of the Italian Christmas tradition and there are some words related to Italian Christmas food that you should know:

Here's a video about the Italian Christmas traditions. And if you want to learn Italian online with a native Italian teacher visit Parlando Italiano.

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