120+ English Words You Should Never Misuse In Writing

Lesley Vos

While learning English, all students try to deal with the same problems. And if grammar rules seem hard to remember, the bigger problem comes out of the blue:

Students misuse plenty of English words because they sound similar.

Writers do the same.

It’s high time to confess:

How often did you meet blog posts, online and offline publications, works of professional essayists, short stories, or even bestselling novels with so many typos and common mistakes that were unforgivable for pro authors to make? Free from plagiarism, they are yet awkward to read, right?

To help English learners solve this problem once and forever, here goes the ultimate list of 120+ misused words. You are welcome to use it as a reference whenever unsure of what word fits in the context.

Spelling matters.

120+ English Words to Remember

Do you make any of these mistakes?

This list of the most misused words in English will ease the writing process for you. Certainly, we could miss some words and collocations. Feel free to add them in comments.

About the writer

Gathered and submitted by @LesleyVos, a private educator of the French language and professional web writer.


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