Learning German in Berlin

By Jeremy Brett

Learning German is vital for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in Berlin’s way of life. Nowadays, Berlin’s culture, art, entertainment, restaurant scenes and music are second to none. You can feasibly find something interesting and exciting to do every day, whether you like galleries, museums, fine dining, clubs, pubs, or enjoying nature at its best, a third of Berlin is primarily devoted to forest, parks and lakes. However, if you don’t learn German you might miss out on numerous career and cultural opportunities. Moreover, it is essential to understand that learning German does not have to be as expensive or difficult as you think. Here are the top three reasons why you should learn German.

1. For Business

Germany is a major exporter and the third largest industrialized country in the world. Therefore, learning German improves your prospects of doing business successfully in Germany and other German-speaking countries. People who learn German have an advantage of understanding exactly what is being said in the original context. Most German Schools are offering classes dealing with negotiations, presentations and speaking on the phone in order to help business people learn the language especially in business context.

2. For Travel

German is a native language in three major European countries and a second language for several countries in Eastern Europe. Therefore, those planning to travel to Czech Republic, Russia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, and Romania will find it very useful to learn German. Travelers can learn German in Berlin for a more intensive course.

3. Learn about German culture

Germany has a very rich cultural heritage. Moreover, some of the most respected great thinkers and classical composers including Freud and Einstein came from Germany. Learning German will help you get an inside view of most aspects of the unique German culture.

Where can I learn German?

The best option for learning German is as a German learning school in Berlin, Germany. This is primarily because students can learn by immersion where they hear German spoken both outside and inside the classroom. Besides having many universities, colleges and educational institutions, Berlin has many sites to see and a very rich cultural heritage which offer a good way to learn German correctly and fast.

Some institutes such as Kapitel Zwei in Alexanderplatz offer a wide range of extra services such as help with health insurance, visas, and accommodations which help newcomers settle easily in Berlin.

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About Author

Jeremy Brett is a global traveller and an enthusiast of the German Language. He is also responsible for running Geburtstagswünsche aimed at becoming the largest online birthday saying resource for German Speakers.


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