Numbers in Bench

How to count in Bench (Bencʼnon), a North Omotic language spoken in the North Omo zone of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' region of southern Ethiopia.

Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
1 max [mātʼ]
2 nam [nám] namasnuc
3 kaz [káz] kaznasnuc
4 od [ód] odanuc
5 uc' [ùtʂ] uc'nasnuc
6 sapm [sàpm̄] sapmnasnuc
7 napm [nàpm̄] napmnasnuc
8 nyartn [njàrtn̄] nyartnasnuc
9 irsn [ìrstn̄] irsnuc
10 tam [ta̋m] tamnasnuc
11 tama maxa tama maxanuc
12 tama nama tama namasnuc
13 tama kaza
14 tama oda
15 tama uc'a
16 tama sapma
17 tama napma
18 tama nyartna
19 tama irsna
20 namtam
30 kastam
40 otam
50 uc'ntam
60 sapmtam
70 napmtam
80 nyartntam
90 irsntam
100 bal [bǎl]
max bal
1,000 wum [wňm]
10,000 tam wum
100,000 max bal wum


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