Numbers in Old Celtic languages

How to count in ancient Celtic languages.

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Early forms of Irish/Gaelic

Primitive Irish, or Archaic Irish (Gaeilge Ársa), is a form of Irish known from inscriptions in Ogham found in Ireland and western parts of Britain. It was spoken between about the 4th and the 7th or 8th centuries AD.

Classical Gaelic was the literary form of Gaelic used in Ireland and Scotland between the 13th and the 18th centuries.

  Primitive Irish Old Irish Classical Gaelic
1 oinas oen óen
2 dau dáu
3 tris trí trí
4 kwetur cethair cethir
5 kweggwe cóic cóic
6 swes
7 sextan secht secht
8 oxtan ocht ocht
9 nouin noí noí
10 dekan deec/deich dech

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Numbers in Celtic languages

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Numbers in other languages

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