Numbers in Middle Irish

How to count in Middle Irish (Gaoidhealg), a form of Irish spoken from the 9th cenutry until about the 12th century.

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  Cardinal Ordinal
1 óen cétnae
2 dá, da tánaise, tánaiste
3 tri, trí, tre tress
4 cethair, cethir, ceithir cethramad, cethramadh, cethirmat
5 cóic, cúic cóiced, cúced, cúigeadh, coigid
6 sé, se, sē seissed, sesset, sesedh, seisedh
7 secht, seacht sechtmad, sechtmet, seachtmad, seachtmhadh
8 ocht ochtmad, octmet
9 noí, noi nómad, nomad
10 deich, dech dechmad
11 óen déc
12 da dec, dé dhéag, dó déc aill deac
13 trí déag, trí déc, tri déc trisdécde, triss deacc
14 cethir déc
15 cóic deac, coic deac, cuicc dec, cúicc décc
16 se dec
17 secht dēac
18 ocht déc, ocht deac
19 nai dég, noí deec, náoi dég
20 fiche, fichet, fichit, fichtea fichetmad, fichatmath, fichetmudh
30 tricha, trīchat tríchatmad, trichadmad, trichadmadh, trichatmadh
40 cethracha, ceathrachad, cethorchae, dá fhichead cethrachatmad
50 coíca, coícad, caoga, caogad, coícait, cóecait, cóic deich coícatmad, cōecatmad, cæcatmadh
60 sesca, sescot, sescat sescatmad, sescadmad
70 sechtmoga, sechtmogo, sechtmogat
80 ochtmoga, ochtmodha, ochtmodhad, octmogat, ochtmugat
90 nócha, nocha, nochat
100 cét, cet, céta cétmad, cētmad
200 da ced, da cet
1,000 míle, míli
10,000 deich míli


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