Numbers in Central Pomo

How to count in Central Pomo, a Pomoan languag spoken in northern California.

If any of the numbers are links, you can hear a recording by clicking on them. If you can provide recordings, please contact me.

Numeral Central Pomo
1 t'áato
2 qhó
3 sibo
4 dúuqho
5 nats'íy
6 ts'áadi
7 hóina
8 hokódol
9 komat (Coast dialect)
namillka-chum (Hopland dialect)
10 chamah (Coast dialect)
namilka-tek (Hopland dialect)
11 namilkanatato
12 namilkanaqho
13 namilkanasibo
14 qhommatshom
15 qhomat
16 qhomat natáato
17 qhomat naqhó
18 qhomat nasibo
19 ja'mashom
20 ja'ma
21 tcahma-na-tat
29 nanamilka-chum
30 naanmilka tek
40 qho-teh
50 namilka kawi sibo-teh
60 sibo teh
70 namilka-wi-duoko-hai
80 duuqho hai
90 namilkakawi natsiy-hai
100 natsui hai
200 namilkayek-hai

Information about Central Pomo numbers

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