Numbers in Interlingua

How to count in Interlingua is an International Auxiliary Language developed by the International Auxiliary Language Association.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
0 zero  
1 un prime
2 duo secunde
3 tres tertie
4 quatro quarte
5 cinque quinte
6 sex sexte
7 septe septime
8 octo octave
9 nove none
10 dece decime
11 dece-un  
12 dece-duo  
13 dece-tres  
14 dece-quatro  
15 dece-cinque  
16 dece-sex  
17 dece-septe  
18 dece-octe  
19 dece-nove  
20 vinti vintesime
21 vinti-un  
22 vinti-du  
30 trenta trentesime
40 quaranta quarantesime
50 cinquanta cinquantesime
60 sexanta sexantesime
70 septanta septantesime
80 octanta octantesime
90 novanta novantesime
100 cento centesime
1000 mille millesime


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Numbers in International Auxiliary Languages (IALs)

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