Khasi numbers

How to count in Khasi, an Austroasiatic language spoken mainly in Maghalaya in India.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 shi, wei (com), uwei (m), kawei (f) nyngkong, ba nyngkong
2 ár ba ár
3 lái ba lái
4 sáw ba sáw
5 san ba san
6 hinriw ba hinriw
7 hinniew ba hinniew
8 phrá ba phrá
9 khyndái ba khyndái
10 shi-phew ba shi-phew
11 khad-wei  
12 khad-ár  
13 khad-lái  
14 khad-sáw  
15 khad-san  
16 khad-hinriw  
17 khad-hinniew  
18 khad-phrá, ár-phew-‘nar, ár-phew-dúna-ár (lit. two tens less two)  
19 khad-khyndái, ár-phew-‘nawei, ár-phew-dúna-wei (lit. two tens less one)  
20 ár-phew  
21 ár-phew-wei  
22 ár-phew-ár  
23 ár-phew-lái  
24 ár-phew-sáw  
25 ár-phew-san  
26 ár-phew-hinriw  
27 ár-phew-hinniew  
28 ár-phew-phrá, lái-phew-’nar, lái-phew-dúna-ár (lit. three tens less two)  
29 ár-phew-khyndái, lái-phew-’nawei, lái-phew-dúna-wei (lit. three tens less one)  
30 lái-phew  
40 sáw-phew  
50 san-phew  
58 san-phew-phrá, hinriw-phew-‘nar (lit. six tens less two)  
59 san-phew-khyndái, hinriw-phew-‘nawei (lit. six tens less one)  
60 hinriw-phew  
70 hinniew-phew  
80 phrá-phew  
90 khyndái-phew  
100 shi-spah  
101 shi-spah wei  
105 shi-spah san  
109 shi-spah khyndái  
122 shi-spah ár-phew ár  
199 shi-spah khyndái-phew khyndái  
200 ár-spah  
300 lái-spah  
400 sáw-spah  
500 san-spah  
555 san-spah san-phew san  
600 hinriw-spa  
700 hinniew-spah  
800 phrá-spah  
900 khyndái-spah  
999 khyndái-spah khyndái-phew khyndái  
1,000 shi-hajár, shi-phew spah  
2,000 ár-hajár  
3,000 lái-hajár  
4,000 sáw-hajár  
5,000 san-hajár  
5,555 san-hajár san-spah san-phew san  
6,000 hinriw-hajár  
7,000 hinniew-hajár  
8,000 phrá-hajár  
9,000 khyndái-hajár  
10,000 shi-phew-hajár  
100,000 shi lak  
1,000,000 shi-phew lak, shi-phew spah hajár  
shi-spah hajár klur  
1 trillion shi trillian, (ka jingkhein kaba khadkhyndai tylli ki dak jingkhein)  
once shi-wád  
twice ár-wad  
thrice lái-wad  
four times sáw-wad, sáw-sin  

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Information provided by Wolfgang Kuhl

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