Manchu numbers

How to count in Manchu (ᠮᠠᠨᠵᡠ
/ manju gisun), a Southern Tungusic language spoken in northeast China.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 emu, emke emuci
2 juwe juweci
3 ilan ilaci
4 duin duici
5 sunja sunjaci
6 ninggun ningguci
7 nadan nadaci
8 jakvn jakvci
9 uyun uyuci
10 juwan juwanci
11 juwan emu juwan emuci
12 juwan juwe juwan juweci
13 juwan ilan juwan ilanci
14 juwan duin juwan duici
15 tofohon tofohoci
16 juwan ninggun juwan ningguci
17 juwan nadan juwan nadaci
18 juwan jakvn juwan jakvci
19 juwan uyun juwan uyuci
20 orin orici
21 orin emu orin emuci
30 gvsin gvsici
40 dehu dehuci
50 susai susaici
60 ninju ninjuci
70 nadanju nadanjuci
80 jakvnju jakvnjuci
90 uyunju uyunjuci
100 tanggv tanggvci
1,000 tumen tumenci
100,000 juman tuman juman tumanci
1,000,000 tanggv tumen tanggv tumenci

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