Mao numbers

How to count in Mao (Emela), an Angami-Pochuri language spoken in Manipur and Nagaland in northeastern India

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 kali karei, rei
2 kahei kono, kaheina
3 kosü kosüna
4 padei pedeina
5 pongo, pungo pongona
6 choro chorona
7 chani chanina
8 chacha chachana
9 chiko, chüko, chuko chikona
10 chia, kia chiana
20 makei
30 shia
40 repadei
50 repongo
60 rechoro
70 reni
80 recha
90 rechiko
100 krei, krei kali
150 krei kali ea repongo
1,000 thu, thu kali

Information provided by Su Xiaodan

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