Numbers in Miskito

How to count in Miskito (Mískitu), a Misumalpan language spoken in the northeast of Nicaragua and the east of Honduras.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
0 diara âpu, kumi sin âpu  
1 kumi, kum kumika
tâura yaba
tâura, pas
2 wâl ningka, sekan
3 yumpha yumhpika
wâl ningkara yaba
4 walhwal (2+2) walhwalka
5 matsip matsipka
6 matlalkahbi matlalkahbika
matsip ningkara ba
7 matlalkahbi pura kumi (6+1) matlalkahbi pura kumika
matlalkahbi ningkara ba
8 matlalkahbi pura wâl (6+2) matlalkahbi pura wâlka
9 matlalkahbi pura yumpha (6+3) matlalkahbi pura yumhpika
10 matawalsip matawalsipka
matawalsip mânka
11 matawalsip pura kumi matawalsip pura kumika
matawalsip ningkara ba
12 matawalsip pura wâl matawalsip pura wâl mânka
13 matawalsip pura yumpha  
14 matawalsip pura walhwal  
15 matawalsip pura matsip  
16 matawalsip pura matlalkahbi  
17 matawalsip pura matlalkahbi pura kumi  
18 matawalsip pura matlalkahbi pura wâl  
19 matawalsip pura matlalkahbi pura yumpha  
20 yawanaiska, yawan aiska  
21 yawanaiska pura kumi  
22 yawanaiska pura wâl  
23 yawanaiska pura yumpha  
24 yawanaiska pura walhwal  
25 yawanaiska pura matsip  
26 yawanaiska pura matlalkahbi  
27 yawanaiska pura matlalkahbi pura kumi  
28 yawanaiska pura matlalkahbi pura wâl  
29 yawanaiska pura matlalkahbi pura yumpha  
30 yawanaiska pura matawalsip (20+10)  
40 yawanaiska wâl (20x2)  
50 yawanaiska wâl pura matawalsip (20x2+10)  
60 yawanaiska yumhpa (20x3)  
70 yawanaiska yumhpa pura matawalsip (20x3+10)  
80 yawanaiska walhwal (20x4)  
90 yawanaiska walhal pura matawalsip (20x4+10)  
100 yawanaiska matsip (20x5)
dusa kum, handat
200 dusa wâl
(h)andat wâl
1,000 tausin, tawsin (kumi)  
1,000,000 milian  
1,000,000,000 tausin kum aslika  
1/2 bakriki, baikanka wal wina kum  
1/3 baikanka yumpa wina kum
manka yumpa
yuhmpa wina kumi
manka yuhmpa wina kumi
1/4 baikanka walwal wina kum  


Information about Miskito numerals

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

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