Numbers in Rongga

How to count in Rongga, a Sumba-Flores language spoken in East Nusa Tenggara Province in central Flores in Indonesia.

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Numeral Cardinal (regular) Ordinal (restricted/traditonal)
1 (e)sa dha
2 zhua dhua
3 telu demu
4 wutu dheke
5 lima ali
6 lima esa (5+1) woe
7 limazhua (5+2) sipi
8 zhuambutu (2x4?) sapa
9 taraesa (8+1?) nggwo
10 sambulu (1x10) ngguru
11 sambulu sa-esa (1x10)+(1x1) esanggesa
12 sambulu esa zhua (1x10)+(1x2) zhuandua
13 sambulu esa telu (1x10)+(1x3) telunggetu
14 sambulu esa wutu (1x10)+(1x4) wutunggutu
15 sambulu esa lima (1x10)+(1x5) limakima
16 sambulu esa lima esa ((1x10)+(1x5)+1) anggunae
17 sambulu esa limazhua (1x10)+(1x5)+2) nenggonae
18 sambulu esa zhuambutu (1x10)+(1x(2x4)) soroila
19 sambulu esa taraesa (1x10)+(1x9) watupesa, watopesa
20 mbulu zhua (10x2) mopla
21 mbulu zhua sa-esa (10x2)+(1)  
22 mbulu zhua esa zhua (10x2)+(2)  
23 mbulu zhua esa telu (10x2)+(3)  
24 mbulu zhua esa wutu (10x2)+(4)  
25 mbulu zhua esa lima (10x2)+(5)  
26 mbulu zhua esa lima esa (10x2)+(1x5)+1)  
27 mbulu zhua esa limazhua (10x2)+(1x5)+2)  
28 mbulu zhua esa zhuambutu (10x2)+(8)  
29 mbulu zhua esa taraesa (10x2)+(9)  
30 mbulu telu (10x3)  
40 mbulu wutu (10x4)  
50 mbulu lima (10x5)  
60 mbulu lima esa (10x(5+1))  
70 mbulu limazhua (10x(5+2))  
80 mbulu zhuambutu (10x(2x4))  
90 mbulu taraesa (10x9)  
100 sa-ngasu (1x100)  
120 sa-ngasu mbulu zhua ((1x100)+(10x2))  
125 sa-ngasu mbulu zhua esa lima ((1x100)+(10x2)+(5))  
150 sa-ngasu mbulu lima ((1x100)+(10x5))  
155 sa-ngasu mbulu lima esa lima ((1x100)+(10x5)+(5))  
180 sa-ngasu mbulu zhuambutu ((1x100)+(10x8))  
190 sa-ngasu mbulu taraesa ((1x100)+(10x9))  
195 sa-ngasu mbulu taraesa esa lima ((1x100)+(10x9)+(5))  
200 ngasu zhua (100x2)  
250 ngasu zhua mbulu lima ((100x2)+(10x5))  
255 ngasu zhua mbulu lima esa lima ((100x2)+(10x5)+(5))  
270 ngasu zhua mbulu limazhua ((100x2)+(10x(5+2))  
280 ngasu zhua mbulu zhuambutu ((100x2)+(10x8))  
290 ngasu zhua mbulu taraesa ((100x2)+(10x9))  
300 ngasu telu (100x3)  
400 ngasu wutu (100x4)  
500 ngasu lima (100x5)  
600 ngasu lima esa (100x(5+1))  
700 ngasu limazhua (100x(5+2))  
800 ngasu zhuambutu (100x8)  
900 ngasu taraesa (100x9)  
1,000 sa-riwu (1x1000)  
2,000 riwu zhua (1000x2)  
2,004 riwu zhua esa wutu ((1000x2)+(4))  
2,500 riwu zhua ngasu lima ((1000x2)+(100x5)  
3,000 riwu telu (1000x3)  
4,000 riwu wutu (1000x4)  
5,000 riwu lima (1000x5)  
6,000 riwu lima esa ((1000x(5+1))  
7,000 riwu limazhua ((1000x(5+2))  
8,000 riwu zhuambutu (1000x8)  
9,000 riwu taraesa (1000x9)  
10,000 riwu mbulu (1000x10)  
100,000 riwu ngasu (1000x100)  

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Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.

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