Tampuan numbers

How to count in Tampuan (ទំពួន), a Bahnaric language spoken in parts of Ratanakiri Provine in Cambobia.

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Numeral Cardinal
1 (១) [maoɲ]
2 (២) [pi̤ar]
3 (៣) [paiŋ]
4 (៤) [pwan]
5 (៥) [prəta̤m]
6 (៦) [trao]
7 (៧) [ʔmpaəh], [pə̤h]
8 (៨) [təŋhaːm]
9 (៩) [ʔŋçən], [nsi̤n]
10 (១០) [ʔŋci̤t], [tsit]
11 (១១) [ci̤t maoɲ]
12 (១២) [ci̤t pi̤ar]
13 (១៣) [ci̤t paiŋ]
14 (១៤) [ci̤t pwan]
15 (១៥) [ci̤t prəta̤m]
16 (១៦) [ci̤t trao]
17 (១៧) [ci̤t ʔmpaəh]
18 (១៨) [ci̤t təŋhaːm]
19 (១៩) [ci̤t ʔŋçən]
20 (២០) [pi̤ar ci̤t]
100 (១០០) [rəja̤ŋ]
1,000 (១០០០) [rəpṳː]

Source: https://www.tampuanreader.com/en/learn-read

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