Numbers in Yi (Nuosu / ꆈꌠ)

Information about counting in Yi, a Loloish language spoken in the Chinese provinces of Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers
1 cyp (ꋍ) [t͡sʰɯ˨˩]
2 nyip (ꑍ) [n̠ʲi˨˩]
3 suo (ꌕ) [sɔ˧]
4 ly (ꇖ) [lɯ˧]
5 nge (ꉬ) [ŋɯ˧]
6 fut (ꃘ) [fu˥]
7 shyp (ꏃ [ʂɯ˨˩])
8 hxit (ꉆ) [hi˥]
9 ggu (ꈞ) [gu˧]
10 ci (ꊰ) [t͡sʰi˧]
11 cix zy (ꊯꊪ) [t͡sʰi˧t͡sʰɯ˨˩]
12 ci nyix [t͡sʰi˧n̠ʲi] (ꊰꑋ)
13 ci suo (ꊰꌕ)
14 ci ly (ꊰꇖ)
15 ci nge (ꊰꉬ)
16 ci fut (ꊰꃘ)
17 ci shy (ꊰꏂ)
18 ci hxit (ꊰꉆ)
19 cix ggu (ꊯꈞ)
20 nyip zi (ꑍꊏ)
21 nyip ci cyx (ꑍꊰꋋ)
22 nyip ci nyix (ꑍꊰꑋ)
23 nyip ci suo (ꑍꊰꌕ)
24 nyip ci ly (ꑍꊰꇖ)
25 nyip ci nge (ꑍꊰꉬ)
26 nyip ci fut (ꑍꊰꃘ)
27 nyip ci shyp (ꑍꊰꏃ)
28 nyip ci hxit (ꑍꊰꉆ)
29 nyip ci ggu (ꑍꊰꈞ)
30 suo ci (ꌕꊰ)
31 suo ci cyx (ꌕꊰꋋ)
32 suo ci nyix (ꌕꊰꑋ)
40 ly ci (ꇖꊰ)
41 ly ci cyx (ꇖꊰꋋ)
42 ly ci nyix (ꇖꊰꑋ)
50 nge ci (ꉬꊰ)
51 nge ci cyx (ꉬꊰꋋ)
52 nnge ci nyix (ꉬꊰꑋ)
60 fut ci (ꃘꊰ)
61 fut ci cyx (ꃘꊰꋋ)
62 fut ci nyix (ꃘꊰꑋ)
70 shyp ci (ꏃꊰ)
71 shyp ci cyx (ꏃꊰꋋ)
72 shyp ci nyix (ꏃꊰꑋ)
80 hxit ci (ꉆꊰ)
81 hxit ci cyx (ꉆꊰꋋ)
82 hxit ci nyix (ꉆꊰꑋ)
90 ggu ci (ꈞꊰ)
91 ggu ci cyx (ꈞꊰꋋ)
92 ggu ci nyix (ꈞꊰꑋ)
100 cyp hxa (ꋍꉐ)
101 cyp hxa nip cyp (ꋍꉐꆀꋍ)
111 cyp hxa cix zy (ꋍꉐꊯꊪ)
200 nyip hxa (ꑍꉐ)
202 nyip hxa nip nyip (ꑍꉐꆀꑍ)
222 nyip hxa nyip ci nyip (ꑍꉐꑍꊰꑍ)
300 suo hxa (ꌕꉐ)
303 suo hxa nip suo (ꌕꉐꆀꌕ)
333 suo hxa suo ci suo (ꌕꉐꌕꊰꌕ)
400 ly hxa (ꇖꉐ)
404 ly hxa nip ly (ꇖꉐꆀꇖ)
444 ly hxa ly ci ly (ꇖꉐꇖꊰꇖ)
500 nge hxa (ꉬꉐ)
505 nge hxa nip nge (ꉬꉐꆀꉬ)
555 nge hxa nge ci nge (ꉬꉐꉬꊰꉬ)
600 fut hxa (ꃘꉐ)
606 fut hxa nip fut (ꃘꉐꆀꃘ)
666 fut hxa fut ci fut (ꃘꉐꃘꊰꃘ)
700 shyp hxa (ꏃꉐ)
707 shyp hxa nip shyp (ꏃꉐꆀꏃ)
777 shyp hxa shyp ci shyp (ꏃꉐꏃꊰꏃ)
800 hxit hxa (ꉆꉐ)
808 hxit hxa nip hxit (ꉆꉐꆀꉆ)
888 hxit hxa hxit ci hxit (ꉆꉐꉆꊰꉆ)
900 ggu hxa (ꈞꉐ)
909 ggu hxa nip ggu (ꈞꉐꆀꈞ)
999 ggu hxa ggu ci ggu (ꈞꉐꈞꊰꈞ)
1,000 cyp dur (ꋍꄙ)
1,001 cyp dur nip cyp (ꋍꄙꆀꋍ)
1,010 cyp dur nip ci (ꋍꄙꆀꊰ)
1,100 cyp dur cyp hxa (ꋍꄙꋍꉐ)
2,000 nyip dur (ꑍꄙ)
3,000 suo dur (ꌕꄙ)
4,000 ly dur (ꇖꄙ)
5,000 nge dur (ꉬꄙ)
6,000 fut dur (ꃘꄙ)
7,000 shyp dur (ꏃꄙ)
8,000 hxit dur (ꉆꄙ)
9,000 ggu dur (ꈞꄙ)
10,000 cyp vat (ꋍꃪ)
10,001 cyp vat nip cyp (ꋍꃪꆀꋍ)
11,000 cyp vat cyp dur (ꋍꃪꋍꄙ)
12,000 cyp vat nyip dur (ꋍꃪꑍꄙ)
13,000 cyp vat suo dur (ꋍꃪꌕꄙ)
14,000 cyp vat ly dur (ꋍꃪꇖꄙ)
15,000 cyp vat nge dur (ꋍꃪꉬꄙ)
16,000 cyp vat fut dur (ꋍꃪꃘꄙ)
17,000 cyp vat shyp dur (ꋍꃪꏃꄙ)
18,000 cyp vat hxit dur (ꋍꃪꉆꄙ)
19,000 cyp vat ggu dur (ꋍꃪꈞꄙ)
20,000 nyip vat (ꑍꃪ)
30,000 suo vat (ꌕꃪ)
40,000 ly vat (ꇖꃪ)
50,000 nge vat (ꉬꃪ)
60,000 fut vat (ꃘꃪ)
70,000 shyp vat (ꏃꃪ)
80,000 hxit vat (ꉆꃪ)
90,000 ggu vat (ꈞꃪ)
100,000 ci vat (ꊰꃪ)
1,000,000 cip hxa vat (ꊱꉐꃪ)
10,000,000 cyp dur vat (ꋍꄙꃪ)
100,000,000 cyp sur (ꋍꌣ)
200,000,000 nyip sur (ꑍꌣ)
1,000,000,000 ci sur (ꊰꌣ)

Sources: Matthias Gerner. A Grammar of Nuosu. Berlin - 2013

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

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