Numbers in Yongbei Zhuang

How to count in Yongbei Zhuang (Cuengh), a variety of Zhuang spoken in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in southern China. The numbers are shown in the 1982 orthography, the 1957 orthography (where different), the Old Zhuang script, and the IPA - where known, e.g sawndip, səɯƌip (𭨡𮄫) [θaɯ˨˦ ɗip˥].

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Numeral Cardinal numbers
0 lingz, liŋƨ, 𭝋
1 it [ʔit˥]
2 ngeih, ŋeiƅ (二) [ŋei˧]
3 sam [θaːm˨˦]
4 seiqm seis [θei˧˥]
5 haj, haз, (㕶/五) [ha˥]
6 roek/loeg, rɵk [ɣok˥]
7 caet, cət [ɕat˥]
8 bet [peːt˧˥]
9 gouj, gouз [kou˥]
10 cib [ɕip˧]
11 cib it [ɕip˧ ʔit˥]
12 cib ngeih (cib ŋeiƅ) [ɕip˧ ŋei˧]
13 cib sam [ɕip˧ θaːm˨˦]
14 cib seiq, cib seiƽ [ɕip˧ θei˧]
15 cib haj, cib haз [ɕip˧ ha˥]
16 cib loeg, cib lɵg [ɕip˧ lok˧]
17 cib caet, cib cət [ɕip˧ ɕat˥]
18 cib bet [ɕip˧ peːt˧]
19 cib gouj (cib gouз) [ɕip˧ kou˥]
20 ngeih cib, ŋeiƅ cib [ŋei˧ ɕip˧]
30 sam cib
40 seiq cib
50 haj cib
60 loek cib
70 caet cib
80 bed cib
90 giuj cib
100 bak
1,000 cien [ɕiːn˨˦]
10,000 fanh, fanb [faːn˧]

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