by Simon Ager

I started composing tunes in 2015. Before then I often improvised on various instruments, especially the piano, but never composed anything specific. One day I decided to try composing an actual tune. Since then I've written quite a few.

Tunes often emerge when I'm noodling around on an instrument, especially the cavaquinho or piano. If I like what develops, then I'll make a rough recording, usually on my phone. Then I let it stew for a while, play it many times, and maybe tweak it a bit, and eventually make a better recording on my computer.

Sometimes I decide to write a tune to play in a set with others, or decide to write one in a particular key. Other times I think of a name, then write a tune to go with it.

At first I didn't write the tunes down, but kept them in my head and recorded them. In 2018 I started writing and arranging tunes using musescore. Some tunes I arrange for multiple instruments. Others I arrange multiple parts on one instrument.

My tunes get played, by me and others, at folk music sessions in and around Bangor, and they will be included in a book of tunes from North Wales. One tune has been played on Radio Cymru. My tunes also feature on my podcasts.

Simon Ager ยท My Tunes / Fy Alawon

Most of my tunes (and songs and podcasts), can be heard on SoundCloud. I also post videos of some of them on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. Here are a couple of examples:

You can see the scores for some of my tunes and songs on Musescore and you can support me by signing up for Musescore Pro via this link [affiliate link].

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