Gur milis Mòrag

This is a song I learnt from Christine Primrose in the Gaelic Song class at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig on the Isle of Skye in 2008.

Gur milis Mòrag

Gur milis Mòrag
Gur laghach Mòrag
Gur milis Mòrag
Nighean Eoghainn Òig

'S i Mòr an àilleachd
'S i laogh a màthair
'S e bhi 'ga tàladh
Mo rogha ceòil


Gur mi bhiodh uallach
Air ruigh nan gruagach
Ach Tormod Ruadh
A bhith fuar fo 'n fhòid


Mo mhile marbhaisg
Air an Fhrangach
Nuair leig e nall thu
Chuir anntlachd oirnn


Hear a recording of this song made at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig in 2008

Morag is sweet

Morag is sweet
Morag is nice
Morag is sweet
Young Eoghann's daughter

Mòr is the beautiful one
She is her mother's darling
It is lulling her
that is my choice of music


I would be so happy
at the shieling of the maidens
If only Red-haired Norman
was cold under the turf


My thousand death-shrouds
On the Frenchman
When he let you come back
to upset us


Another recording of this song:

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