Toirt m' aghaidh ri Diùra

I learnt this song from Christine Primrose in the Gaelic Song class at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig on the Isle of Skye in 2008.

Chuir iad mise dh'eilean leam fhìn

O hùiribh i hùiribh
O hùiribh o gheallaidh
Bheir mi ho na ho eile
'S e bhi rèidh riut bu mhaith leam

'Toirt m' aghaidh ri Diùra
'S mo chùl ri Port-Ascaig
Shil gu frasach mo shùilean
's gun mo dhùil ri tigh'nn dhachaidh

Nuair a chur iad air bòrd thu
air long-mhòr nan tri-chrannaibh
'S iomadh tè bha gu tùrsach
's deòir a' sruthadh gu talamh

Cha chreidinn o chàch e
gun robh thu fàgail a' bhaile
gus an robh na siùil bhàna
gan càradh ri crannaibh

Bu tu leannan nan gruagach
'S tu uasal a's maiseach
Gruaidhean meachair mar mhaighdean
Sùil an t-saighdear fo d' mhalaidh

Gaol peathar gaol bràthair
Gaol màthair a's athar
An gaol a thug mi cha trèig mi
gus an tèid mi 's an anart

Setting my path towards Jura

O hùiribh i hùiribh
O hùiribh o gheallaidh
Bheir mi ho na ho eile
to be reconciled with you it what I wish

Setting my path towards Jura
and my back to Port Ascaig
I sorely wept
knowing I wouldn't be returning home

When they put you on board
on the big ship with the three masts
Many's a one who was feeling sad
the tears falling to the ground

I didn't believe what the others were saying
that you were leaving
until I saw the white sails
being hoisted to the masts

You are the sweetheart of the lassies
You are noble and handsome
Cheeks as tender as a maiden's
The eye of the soldier below your eyebrow

There's the love for a sister, the love for a brother
the love for a mother and father
but the love I gave you I'll not forsake
until I am laid in my shroud

A recording of this song:

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