O teannaibh dlùth 'us togaibh fonn

This song comes from the book Gaelic Songs in Nova Scotia. I learnt it from Christine Primrose in the Gaelic Song class at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig on the Isle of Skye in 2008.

O teannaibh dlùth 'us togaibh fonn

O teannaibh dlùth is togaibh fonn
Mo chridhe trom air m' aineol
'S mi fad o eilean an damh donn
'S bho thìr nan gleann 's nan gallan

O beir an t-soraidh seo nis bhuam
Thar chuain is chruaich is bheannaibh
A dh' ionnsaigh Muile nam beann fuar
O eilean uaine a' bharraich

Och a Rìgh nach mi bha thall
An tìr nan gleann 's nam bealach
Tìr nan craobh suid tìr mo ghaoil
Nan lagan fraoich is rainnaich

O suid na glinn 's am faighte aoidh
'S na roinn chum taobh na mara
Tha luchd mo ghaoil-s' an diugh ma sgaoil
'S an t-àit fo chaoraich Shasuinn

Gur truagh a' Ghàidhlig bhi 'na càs
O 'n dh' fhalbh na Gàidheil a bh' againn
A ghineil òig tha tighinn 'n an àit'
O togaibh ard a bratach

O sit closer and let us sing a song

O sit closer and let us sing a song
My heart is dejected in a strange land
I am far away from the island of the brown stags
And from the land of glens and saplings

O take this greeting from me now
Over the ocean, rounded hills and bens
To Mull of the cold mountains
O green island of the birch trees

Och o Lord I wish I was over there
In the land of dales and mountain-gorges
The land of trees is my own dear land
WIth heather hollows amongst the bracken

O these are the valleys of kindness
Especially in the districts beside the sea
My loved ones have now departed
And their homes are under English sheep-runs

It is a pity Gaelic is in such a precarious state
Since the departure of the Gaels we knew
O youthful race that has replaced them
Unfurl the (Gaelic) banner to its maximum height

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