'S truagh 's sinn 'gad threigsinn

This song was written by Aonghas MacNeacail at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig on the Isle of Skye in 2008. It was a way to thank the Gaelic song tutor, Christine Primrose, who mentioned during class one day that she was always asking us if we were happy, but that we never asked her the same question. This song asks that question. The tune is the same as Ceud soiridh soiridh bhuam

'S truagh 's sinn 'gad threigsinn

'S truagh 's sinn 'gad threigsinn na e hò hao oho
Fad na seachduinn' na hi ri rirì ò
o-hi ò 's a-bho roho
e hò hao oho

Seachduinn nan òran na e hò hao oho
Orain binn àluinn na hi ri rirì ò etc

'S tusa cho furachail na e hò hao oho
Gur tlachdmhor dhuinn na h-òrain na hi ri rirì ò etc

Talaidhean is ruidhlean na e hò hao oho
Luaidh 's òrain gaoil iad na hi ri rirì ò etc

'S gu mór a chòrd iad uile ruinn na e hò hao oho
'S sinn gu math toilichte na hi ri rirì ò etc

Ged nach do dh'fhoighnich sinn na e hò hao oho
Cuiridh sinn a' chéist nis na hi ri rirì ò etc

A Chairistiona na e hò hao oho
Eil thusa solasach? na hi ri rirì ò etc

Eil thusa solasach na e hò hao oho
Mar a tha sinn? na hi ri rirì ò etc

It's a shame that we're leaving

It's a shame that we're leaving
a whole week

A week of songs
Melodious and beautiful songs

And you so attentive
that the songs would be pleasing to us

Lullabys and reels
Waulking songs and love songs

And greatly did we all enjoy them
And we are very happy

Although we have not asked
We put the question now

Are you happy?

Are you happy
As we are?

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