Thig am bata / A bhean eudaich

I learnt this song from Christine Primrose in the Gaelic Song class at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig on the Isle of Skye in 2008.

Thig am bata / A bhean eudaich

Thig am bàta, hùg-o
Moch a-màireach, hùg-o
Bidh m'athair innte, hao ri horo
'S mo thriùir bhràithrean, hùg-o

'S mo chèile donn, hùg-o
Air ràmh bràghad, hùg-o
'S gheibh iad mise, hao ri horo
Air mo bhàthadh, hùg-o

'S togaidh iad mi, hùg-o
Air na ràmhan, hùg-o
'S mo bhreacan donn, hao ri horo
Snàmh na fairge, hùg-o

'S mo chuailean donn, hùg-o
Measg nan carrichean, hùg-o
'S mo bhràist airgid, hao ri horo
Measg na gainmhich, hùg-o

Cha b'e 'n t-acras, hùg-o
Chuir do 'n tràigh mi, hùg-o
Ach miann an duilisg, hao ri horo
Miann nam beàrnach, hùg-o

Fhir ud thall, hùg-o
Falbh na tràghad, hùg-o
Soraidh bhuam-sa, hao ri horo
Gu mo mhàthair, hùg-o

Thoir soraidh bhuam, hùg-o
Gu mo phàisdean, hùg-o
Fear ac' bhliadhna, hao ri horo
nach eil làidir, hùg-o

Iarraidh e nochd, hùg-o
Cìoch a mhàthar, hùg-o
Ma dh'iarr chan fhaigh e, hao ri horo
Ach sùgan sàile, hùg-o

A bhean eudaich, hùg-o
O mo nàir' ort, hùg-o
Dh'fhàg thu mise, hao ri horo
'S an sgeir, hùg-o

The boat will come / The jealous woman

The boat will come, hùg-o
Early tomorrow, hùg-o
My father will be on her, hao ri horo
And my three brothers, hùg-o

My brown-haired husband, hùg-o
On the breast oar, hùg-o
And they'll find me, hao ri horo
Drowned, hùg-o

They will lift me up, hùg-o
On the breast oar, hùg-o
My brown plaid, hao ri horo
Swimming the seas, hùg-o

And my brown locks, hùg-o
Amongst the rocks, hùg-o
And my silver brooch, hao ri horo
Amongst the sand, hùg-o

It wasn't hunger, hùg-o
That sent me to the strand, hùg-o
But my desire for dulse, hao ri horo
And my desire for limpets, hùg-o

Man walking yonder, hùg-o
On the strand, hùg-o
Bid my farewell, hao ri horo
To my mother, hùg-o

Give my farwell, hùg-o
to my children, hùg-o
One of them a year old, hao ri horo
Who is not strong, hùg-o

Tonight he'll want, hùg-o
His mother's breast, hùg-o
If he does he'll only get, hao ri horo
A suck of salt water, hùg-o

O jealous woman, hùg-o
Shame on you, hùg-o
You have left me, hao ri horo
On the rock, drowned, hùg-o

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