Thug mi gaol don fhear bhàn (I gave my love to the fair one)

I learnt this song from Christine Primrose in the Gaelic Song class at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig on the Isle of Skye in 2008.

Thug mi gaol don fhear bhàn

Thug mi gaol, thug mi gaol
Thug mi gaol don fhear bhàn
Agus gealladh dhutsa, luaidh
O cha dual dhomh bhith slàn

Chaidh am bàta troimh na caoil
Leis na daoine Di-màirt
'S mise phàigh am faradh daor
Bha mo ghaol air a clàr

Bha mi deas 's bha mi tuath
Bha mi 'n Cluaidh uair no dhà
Dhe na chunna mi fon ghrèin
Thug mi spèis don fhear bhàn

Cha tèid mise 'thigh a' chiùil
Thuit mo shùgradh gu làr
Bhon a chualas thusa rùin
'Bhith sa ghrùnnd far nach tràigh

I gave my love to the fair one

I gave love, I gave love
I gave love to the fair one
And a promise to you love
Oh, it is I who is far from being well

The boat went through the straits
with the men on Tuesday
It was I who paid the dear price
My love was on its deck

I was south and I was north
I was near the Clyde once or twice
Of all those I saw under the sun
I gave my love to the fair one

I'll not visit the house of music
My joy has gone
Since I heard that you, my love
Are on the sea bottom where there is no ebb

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