Iníon A' Bhaoghailligh

I learnt this song from Gearóidín Bhreathnach at Oideas Gael in July 2007.

Iníon A' Bhaoghailligh

Bhí mé oíche taobh istigh 'Fhéil Bhride
Ar faire thíos ar a' Mhullach Mhór
Agus tharla naí dom a dtug mé gnaoi di
Mar bhí sí caomhúil, lách, áluinn óg
Ó 'sí go cinnte a mhearaigh m'intinn
'Gus lia na bhFiann ó, ní leigheasfadh mé
'Gus tá mo chroí 'stigh 'na mhíle píosa
Nuair nach bhfaighim cead síneadh lena brollach glé

A chailín donn deas a chuaigh i gcontúirt
Druid anall liom agus tabhair dom póg
Nar is leatsa shiúlfainn cnoic is gleanntáinn
'S go Baile 'n Teampaill 'á mbíodh sé romhainn;
Ach anois ó tá mé cúrtha cráite
'S gur lig mé páirt de mo rún le gaoth
'S a rí 'tá i bParthas déan dom fáras
I ngleanntáin áluinn' lena taobh.

Is fada an lá breá ó thug mé grá duit
Is mé 'mo pháiste bheag óg gan chéill,
'S dá mbíodh mo mhuintir uilig i bhfeirg liom
Nár chuma liomsa a mhíle stór
Ó a mhíle grá tá cách a' rá liom
Gur don ghrá ort a gheobhaidh mé bás,
'S níl lá margaidh a mbéas na Gearailtigh
Nach mbeaidh cúl fathmhainneach is mise 'g ól

Baoghailligh's Daughter

One night I was outside St Bridgid's Day
Looking down on Mullaghmore
And the thing happened to me, that I gave love to her
Because she was lovely, friendly, beautiful, young
It was certainly she who drove me out of my wits
And the doctor of the Fianna would not cure me
And my heart is in a thousand pieces
If I don't get to lie down with her bright bosom

Lovely, brown-haired girl who went into danger
Come over here and give me a kiss
And with you I would walk hills and valleys
And to Ballytemple if it was in front of us
But now I am finished, tormented
And I gave the better part of my secret to the wind
Oh King in Paradise, make ready for me
In the lovely glens with you

It's along time now since I gave love to you
And me, a small young lad without any sense
And if my whole family were angry with me
I wouldn't give a damn, my darling sweetheart
My darling sweetheart, everyone is saying to me
That I will die for love of you
And there isn't a market day that would be in the Gearalts
And I wouldn't get solace and me drinking

Here's a recording of most this song by the sean-nós class at Oideas Gael.

Here's another recording of most this song by Gearóidín Bhreathnach.

This song can be also heard on the following album:


Another version of this song:

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