Peigín Leitir Móir (Peggy Lettermore)

This traditional Irish song was originally written by Máirtín Ó Clochartaigh and Pádraic Ó Maille of Leitir Caladh in 1911. Other people have since added verses.

Peigín Leitir Móir

O gairim gairim í,
Agus gairim í, mo stór;
Míle grá le m'anam í
'Sí Peigín Leitir Móir!

Éirigh suas, a Pheigín
Agus seas ar bharr an aird
Comhar do chuid bullán
Agus féach an bhfuil siad ann.


Tá Bríd agam 's tá Cáit agam
'Sí Peig an bhean is fearr;
Pé'r bith fear a gheobhas í,
Nach air a bhéas an t-ádh.


Chuir mé scéala siar chuici
Go gceannóin di bád mór;
'Sé'n scéala 'chuir sí anair chugham
go ndéanfadh leathbhád seoil.


Tá iascairí na Gaillimhe
Ag teacht anior le cóir
Le solas gealaí gile
Nó go bhfeicidís an tseoid.

Curfá deiridh
'S ó, gairim, gairim í
'Gus gairim í mo stór
Míle grá le m'anam í
Is gearr go mbeidh sí mór!

Peggy Lettermore

Oh I call her, call her
and I call my sweetheart;
1000 loves to her
my Peggy of Lettermore.

Oh arise, my Peggy,
and stand on the brow of the hill;
Count your bullocks
and see if they are (all) there.


I have Brigid; I have Kate
(but) Peggy is the best woman;
Whichever man gets her,
it's he will be the lucky one.


I sent news to her
that I would buy her a big boat;
She sent word back to me
that she would make a suit of sails.


The fishermen of Galway
are coming east under a fair wind
With bright, white lights
so that they may see the jewel.

Final chorus
Oh I call her, call her
and I call my sweetheart;
1000 loves to her
Soon she will be big

I learnt this song while studying Irish at Oideas Gael in June 2006.

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