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Ngā iwi e (All you people)

This is a Māori song from New Zealand. I learnt it for the big Sing for Water concert in London in August 2009.

Ngā iwi e! Ngā Iwi e!
Kia kotahi ra te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa

E i a i e

Kia mau ra! Kia mau ra!
Ki te mana motuhake me te aroha

E i a i e

Wahine mā! Wahine mā!
Maranga mai, Maranga mai, kia kaha

E i a i e

Ta ne ma! Ta ne ma!
Whakarongo tautoko kia kaha

E i a i e


All you people! All you people!
Be united as one like the Pacific Ocean

Hold on firmly! Hold on firmly!
To you separate identity and to compassion

All you young women! All you young women!
Rise up, rise up, be strong

All you young men! All you young men!
Listen, support, be strong

Sing for Water choir singing this song

Other recordings of this song:


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