Caddo (Has-sii'-nay)

Caddo is a Southern Caddoan language spoken in Caddo County in Western Oklahoma in the USA by 25 people in 2007, all of whom are elderly. Caddo has a number of dialects, including Kadohadacho, Hasinai, Hainai, Natchitoches and Yatasi, of which Hasinai and Hainai are the most spoken.

The Caddo people are an ancient confederacy of the Haish, Hainai, Yona, Kechai, Nadaco, Nasoni, Kadohadacho, and Natchitoche tribes. They originally spoken separate though similar languages and their homeland was in Louisiana.

Since 2012 the Caddo Nation has made efforts to revive their language with classes, books, CDs, websites and apps. There is also a project to record oral tradditions.

Caddo alphabet and pronunciation

Caddo alphabet and pronuciation

Caddo has three tones: the low tone is unmarked, the high tone is marked with an acute accent (á), and the falling tone is marked with a grave accent (à).

Download an alphabet chart for Caddo (Excel)

Additions and corrections by Michael Peter Füstumum

Sample sentences in Caddo

Waya hatu no seyata
I love you with all my heart / very much.

Uw ah na'-i'-asa' nu-ka'
The raven is probably eating him.

He's stuck under water over there.


Sample video in Caddo

Information about Caddo | Numbers


Information about the Caddo language

Caddoan languages

Arikara, Caddo, Pawnee, Wichita

Languages written with the Latin alphabet

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