Jebero (Shiwilu)

Jebero is a Cahuapanan or Kawapanan language spoken in northern Peru, mainly in the village of Jeberos in Alto Amazonas province in the Loreto region. In 2011 there were about 30 speakers of Jebero, which is also known as Chebero, Xebero or Xihuila.

Jebero is spoken mainly by adults. Some children acquire the language from their parents, but often end up speaking Spanish as education is only available in Spanish.

Jebero was first documented in the 1950s by a linguist called John Bendor-Samuel. A few other people have wrote about the language since then.

Jebero alphabet and pronunciation

Jebero alphabet and pronunciation

Stress generally falls on the second syllable of a word, except in two syllable words, where it falls on the first syllable.

Download an alphabet chart for Jebero (Excel)

Sample text in Jebero

I'pa'la' pa'a menmik. Pa'a ker u'kakuwa u'ka ñipullutek tampatnensek tekalek nadu'shen a'wanerek. Ker' u'ka', u'ka ker a'illichimpañantek dimuk i'na ani'ina ker u'kekma iya eksu'a wencher uklulu' ker. Uklulu' wa'kasu eklli nana'pu'si'la'.


Vamos a ir ahora a la chacra para ir a sacar yuca. Estroncando, desramandole susramitas, mantonamos. Y el palo grueso vamos a prender para volver a sembrar en otrachacra para poder encontrar para que no nos falte la yuca para el año.

Source: Lindsay K. Butler. Diccionario Shiwilu-Castellano Castellano-Shiwilu con guía de pronunciación, notas gramaticales y textos shiwilus traducidos en castellano. The University of Arizona 2005-2010.

Sample video in Jebero

Information about Jebero | Numbers


Information about Jebero

Cahuapanan languages

Chayahuita, Jebero

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