Klamath (maqlaqsyals)

Klamath or Klamath-Modoc is a member of Plateau Penutian language family that was spoken around Klamath Lake in southern Oregon and northern California in the USA. It was spoken by the Klamath and Modoc people, who each spoken a different dialect.

The last native speaker of Klamath, Neva Eggsman, died in 2003 at the age of 92. However, efforts are being made to revive the language, including classes and community meetings. In 2007 there were six people who spoke the language.

A number of methods of writing Klamath have been devised by linguists, such as Albert S. Gatschet, who published a dicionary, grammar and texts during the 1870s, and M.A.R. Barker who did the same during the 1960s, and by tribal elders. Barker's system most accurately represents the sounds of the language.

Klamath alphabet and pronunciation

Klamath alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Klamath (Excel)

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Information about the Klamath-Modoc language and people

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