Miriwoong is a Jarrakan language spoken in the east Kimberley region of Western Australia, particularly in and around Kununurra. In 2017 there were 12 speakers of Miriwoong, all of whom were elderly. Miriwoong is also known as Merong, Miriwun, Miriwung or Mirung.

Although few Miriwoong people speak Miriwoong, they do speak several other languages, including Kimberly Kriol, an English-based Creole, Aboriginal English and standard Australian English. There is also Miriwoong Sign Language, which is used mainly by hearing people, and three deaf people.

Efforts to preserve and revitalize Miriwoong have been made since the 1970s by the Mirima Dawang Woorlab-gerring Language and Culture Centre (MDWg). These include language nests, where children learn the language through immersion, classes for adults, and the production of books, apps, films and other material in Miriwoong. In 1989 the MDWg, in consultation with Miriwoong elders and linguists, developed a way of writing the language with the Latin alphabet.

Miriwoong alphabet and pronunciation

Miriwoong alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Miriwoong (Excel)

Sample text in Miriwoong

Berrayinga Miriwoong Dawang yoowoorriyantha. Woonyjoo barranggoo dawa-yoowoorriyang.


This is our country, Miriwoong Country. Please respect this place of ours.

Source: http://mirima.org.au/

Sample videos in and about Miriwoong


Information about Miriwoong

Jarrakan languages

Gija, Miriwoong

Languages written with the Latin alphabet

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