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Moru (Kala Moru)

Moru is a Central Sudanic language spoken in Mundri East and Mundri West counties of Amadi State in South Sudan. In 1982 there were about 70,000 speakers of Moru. Dialects include Agi, Andri, 'Bali'ba, Kadiro, Lakama'di, Miza and Wa'di. Written Moru is based on the Miza dialect.

Moru is used in churches in South Sudan, particularly in the Episcopal Church of the Sudan. A number of translations of religious texts, including the Bible, have been published in Moru, as well as some books for use in schools.

Moru alphabet and pronunciation

Moru alphabet and pronunciation

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Information compiled by Michael Peter Füstumum


Information about the Moru language

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