Northern Pomo

Northern Pomo is an extinct Pomoan language formerly spoken around Clear Lake in Lake County in northern California in the USA. The last native speaker, Elenor Stevenson Gonzales, died in 2005.

Northern Pomo was first documented in 1891 by John Wesley Powell, a professor at Illinois Wesleyan University. More documentation was made in 1908 by Samuel Barrett, an anthropologist and linguist.

Between 1979 and 2005, Catherine O'Connor, a linguist at the University of California, Berkely, worked to make recordings of the last native speakers. She put together an online spoken dictionary, and other materials. Efforts are being made to revive the language.

Northern Pomo alphabet and pronunciation

Northern Pomo alphabet and pronunciation

Sample text

Diwinamoow tsint̪a bishe mit̪'akye. Masit minaa bishe mit̪'akan jiman.


Coyote, somehow, was cooking meat. Sitting cooking meat on top of coals.


Details of Northern Pomo pronunciation and sample text by Michael Peter Füstumum

Information about Northern Pomo | Numbers


Information about the Northern Pomo language

Northern Pomo dictionary

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