Wukchumni is a member of the Tule-Kaweah Yokuts branch of the Yok-Utian language family. Historically was spoken along the Kaweah River in Tulare County in central California in the USA. In 2016 there was only one native speaker of Wukchumni, Marie Wilcox, and a few learners, including members of her family.

Since the early 2000s Marie Wilcox and her daugher, Jennifer Malone, have been teaching Wukchumni to other members of their tribe, and are working on a written and spoken dictionary. The Wukchumni tribe, which numbers fewer than 200 people, is not federally recognised, and is seen as part of the Yokuts tribal group.

Wukchumni is also known as Wukchumne or Wikchamni. According to Ethnologue, it is a dialect of Yokuts.

Wukchumni alphabet and pronunciation

Wukchumni alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Wukchumni (Excel)

Video in and about Wukchumni

Information about Wukchumni | Numbers


Information about Wukchumni

Wukchamni dictionary

Yok-Utian languages

Chukchansi, Mutsun, Rumsen, Wukchumni

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