Yi Jing Hexagrams (六十四卦)

The Yi Jing Hexagrams are a set of symbols that appear in the I Ching (易經 - yìjīng), which is also known as the Book of Changes of Classic of Changes. The I Ching is an ancient Chinese text on divination that provides inspiration in the fields of religion, psychoanalysis, literature and art.

The earliest known version of the I Ching was written during the Western Zhou period (1000-750 BC). possibly during the reign of King Xuan in the late 9th century BC. Since then it has been extensively revised, many commentaries have been added, and there have been many interpretations of the text.

The Yi Jing Hexagrams (卦 - guà) is made up of six hortizontal lines (爻 - yáo). The lines are either solid or broken. Each hexagram has a name and various meanings associated with it. Different combinations of hexagrams are interpreted as signifying various outcomes.

In ancient China the hexagrams were used for cleromancy, a way to determine divine intentions based on seeminly random numbers, and they were used to find answers to questions about businesses, health, children and auspicious days.

Yi Jing Hexagrams

Yi Jing Hexagrams

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