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Galderish    Galderish

The Galderish Alphabet was invented by Wesley King over a period of several years. Originally an alternative to English, it is now used for other purposes. It is intended for use in an untitled book he is writing. In the book, this is the language of an alien race of dragons. The humans discriminate against the dragons, similar to the world of the movie "District 9." There is a cultural revolution, and the dragons gradually become more accepted over time.

Notable features

Galderish alphabet

Galderish alphabet


Galderish numerals and puncuation

Galderish numerals and puncuation

Sample text

Sample text in the Galderish


Na ĉutalväyin vüs ħüsta bümïa gädï na ezlam ŝep na räĵakifï worfï näxï häjed.


The colors are flying freely above the house with the mostly blue blessed altar.

This is a pangram in the Galderish language, containing every letter of the alphabet.

Download Galderish fonts (OpenType, 400K)

Other constructed scripts

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